this is weird but...

I recently (like maybe 4 days ago) had a dream that there was like this building, and on the top floor there was this room that no one was allowed to go into cuz there was this sorta unspeakable evil in there. It got evil cuz this monster killed a man and woman's children, raped the man's wife and then cut his head off and I think killed her. It was a hotel or something, and I went in the room (cuz I'm retarrrrrrded!) and yeah. Bad stuff. So I was like trying to get outta the demon hotel and everything was all swirley and there were ghosts everywhere and pretty much the whole city was dominated by ghosts, demons and like monsters. Cuz I was trying to get outta the "demon city" (you know, to escape the unspakeable evil from the hotel place) and I was chased down the street (well not really chased, I was walking really fast and taking long strides) by a ghostly three head dog monster thing. So I got to this creepy ass run-down motel and like I get a room with osme like van hellsing kinda dude who looks like hunter s. thompson. And the room is all like dark and shit and I'm about to sit on the bed (so I could watch numb3rs, cuz it was convienently on that night, or so I thought) and I notice that there are like snakes on the beds. So hunter s. van hellsing man throws them out and we're trying to get these like evil black pomeranian dogs out that kept trying to bite me and I had to literally kick them out onto the outside hallway thing. Then the guy is like "hey lets go get candy" and so we go down to the lobby and it's all creepy and the guy behind the counter is liek a creepy old guy and thne I woke up. That's some crazy shit, right? BTW, I'm not like homicidal or anything, I haven't had a weird-ass dream like this in a few years.

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i drept that i was... well at walden theatre and then all of a sudden i was in front of what looked like alex (russian alex/alex(highlandcoffee)/lorena's car and wow. john was there and so was monkey (his little brother alex lol) i was standing outside his car, john was there. and monkey and i had become really close friends and then i'm! wow thats weird. but then hes all being nice to me in a good way, kept asking "hey can we give Lydia a ride home?" and their dad as like "no we can't we gotta go to somewhere" and i'm like hey thats alright. but then figuring out that....i was in a weird neighborhood. and i didn' tknow where i was and they left me...what the fuck is up with that!?!?!?!

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i remember part of my dream from last night it was fucked up. i was at my asian adoptteeee camp again and i was there with the preppy part of the group and they were all in a line of chairs or wahtever and god they had their legs spread out and i could see everythign iw as like FUCKKK NOOOO but ic ouldn't look away from dumbass reason...what the fuck?!

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i barely remember my dream from last night. but all i remember is that josh someonehow getting my address and he sent his pictures from a picture day at his school. when he had short hair and long hair. kayla was there too and all she could say was AWW and thats it. then i forgot the rest. i just remember that it was a messed up dream lol like always

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okay i found this dream on my e-mail notepad thingy anyway, here it is. its really weird i sorta remember it but barely

crazy dream... O.o

HEY! i think burns usually make me have VERY strange
dreams. i first in my dream i thought i was getting
into a big fight with my mom and we were both sad for
some reason. for some reason patrick was there. i told
my mom that i was going to go say goodbye to whomever
at the funeral (which was funny cause my friend
chelsea just has an aunt die..really not good) but
instead when go through a weird way through to get to
Springhurst. god i twas strange. then all of a sudden
i find myself in a weird sorta modern day time thing.
but we still have computers weird? then i remember
finding myself holding little bottles, one actually
said oliver. it was weird. and i poured it on the
ground. "HURRY!" said some crackhead woman. finally i
turn around and then theres this really cute guy... he
looked like a mixture of lorena, and patrick and my
friend garrett from work...but had the kindness of
Lorena/John/Patrick. god it was weird. if you ever saw
the movie they not really recently made but it was
called Snow White, the girl who played it was some
model in magazines. but anyway all of a sudden we have
to leave for our lives, running, and finding ourselves
at a hill, there are trees all around us, and we find
a hill with an apple tree....then i find myself on
Highway-22 again with patrick, and we're sliding down
it! i mean what the hell?! we run into my small
pathedic church group and climbin the way up not
noticing me and me trying not to notice them.

Weird dream...

So how many of you have seen the movie MASH? Well, last night's dream has very firm ties with that movie... and some very sickening ties with murder.

It started with the person who played Hawkeye from the movie and he was talking to an audience (that was not visable, as if it were in a movie) about his first love. He flashed back to there first meeting (in a field hospital, go figure) and I saw that. Then it flashed back to him and he kept talking, but the view panned around. You see a small kid that looked like the kid from The Passifier that has to have the Peter Panda dance sung before he can go to sleep. Well, the kid is sleeping and I automatically knew that the kid was his nephew (idk how, I just knew). We'll he talks about how he's moved on from his first love and how he married someone else, but while he's talking, his first love breaks into the house. She sees the kid and thinks he belongs to Hawkeye and grabs him and takes him to the garage. There in the garage is a cooking machine that looks like a blend from a wafle iron, a grill, and a toaster. It lifts open and had the heater things that are in a toaster but closed like a wafle iron and looked and had the purpose of a grill. She plugs it in, sets the kids head in it, and turns it on. As it grows red hot, the kid gave out this little whine of discomfort and then she smashed it down on his head, crushing it like a grape. Blood oozed out the side and that's when I woke up scared half to death. Weirdest nightmare I've ever had.
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well last night was kinda odd, i had this dream that i was first back in school but it was at my freakin church. it was walden alright, but at lyndon wtf?! then all of a sudden i'm in the 4th harry potter movie, last thing i remember seeing was harry freaking out about some time warp thingy, it was christmas at the time.and then we sall the child versions of fred and george but it was actually two different twins of the same family. they were holding cats and all of a sudden, Arthur came finally with the real twins and they looked older and what not of course, need to change their hair seirously!, i just remember before waking up that ...uhh i was holding one of the black small cats belonging to ginny i think, and seeing this kinda black, brownish gold cat with really deep eyes, like no white in them at all.

now that is one weird freaking messed up dream dont you say?