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okay i found this dream on my e-mail notepad thingy anyway, here it… - dreams are like snowflakes. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dreaming a dream

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[Sep. 29th, 2005|05:20 pm]
Dreaming a dream


okay i found this dream on my e-mail notepad thingy anyway, here it is. its really weird i sorta remember it but barely

crazy dream... O.o

HEY! i think burns usually make me have VERY strange
dreams. i first in my dream i thought i was getting
into a big fight with my mom and we were both sad for
some reason. for some reason patrick was there. i told
my mom that i was going to go say goodbye to whomever
at the funeral (which was funny cause my friend
chelsea just has an aunt die..really not good) but
instead when go through a weird way through to get to
Springhurst. god i twas strange. then all of a sudden
i find myself in a weird sorta modern day time thing.
but we still have computers weird? then i remember
finding myself holding little bottles, one actually
said oliver. it was weird. and i poured it on the
ground. "HURRY!" said some crackhead woman. finally i
turn around and then theres this really cute guy... he
looked like a mixture of lorena, and patrick and my
friend garrett from work...but had the kindness of
Lorena/John/Patrick. god it was weird. if you ever saw
the movie they not really recently made but it was
called Snow White, the girl who played it was some
model in magazines. but anyway all of a sudden we have
to leave for our lives, running, and finding ourselves
at a hill, there are trees all around us, and we find
a hill with an apple tree....then i find myself on
Highway-22 again with patrick, and we're sliding down
it! i mean what the hell?! we run into my small
pathedic church group and climbin the way up not
noticing me and me trying not to notice them.